Third Dongguan International Casting And Die Casting Technology Industry Exhibition - Casting And

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Date: 2010 17 to 20 March
Hall: Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Guancheng)
Organizer: Hong Kong 0 Hong T and? Made?? "?
Contractors: World Trade Expo Co., Ltd. (Hang Lung Group)
Info The last show, Ka Shui Holdings, LK Group, the Lung Kee Group, Lee Kee Group, the 100 superb-machinery industry leading exhibitors, led the Dongfeng Nissan, BYD, Panasonic, Suzuki motorcycle, VTech, China Aviation Technology, Sony, Hitachi, nearly ten thousand professional users to visit the procurement, an exhibition area of 6,000 square meters, has been named the industry's most authoritative die in South China exhibition. Accumulated a wealth of resources and previous experience in the exhibition, the Hong Kong Federation of die-casting and foundry industry has decided to continue the most charming cities in the country, now the Pearl River Delta in South China the largest and most important industrial production base, the world famous "world factory ", is a strong rise of the international manufacturing city?? Dongguan City held the" Third China Dongguan International Casting and Die Casting Technology Industry Exhibition. "

Innovative product line display, to bring you real benefits
Die casting and foundry industry by the Hong Kong Federation of the whole effort to build, together LK Group, JNC, Baoshan International, Lee recorded, and subjects from more than 10 famous enterprises in FDI2009 "Dongguan International Casting and the second Die Casting Technology Industry Exhibition, "an on-site zinc alloy die-casting production line exhibition, the visitors showed the production of die casting foundry and a number of professional skills, including high-quality raw materials, die-casting and foundry-related processes, precision machining, surface treatment, coating and plating processes related to all-round decryption advanced production line is superior to others, full disclosure of all the technical details, exhaustive! "Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade", through on-site production line display, for joining us at the exhibitions of many professional visitors, exhibitors, buyers in cutting costs, downsizing, creating modern production processes, to learn advanced production technology and provide a valuable experience sharing, as a major highlight of the exhibition by professional buyers alike at home and abroad. Customers and visitors should be required, the Hong Kong Federation of casting and foundry industry will continue in the "Third China Dongguan International Casting and Die Casting Technology Industry Exhibition" in the establishment of die casting and surface treatment production line, based on the original innovation. Zinc alloy die-casting production line?? Innovation, efficient and flexible model of excellence, will help you broaden the infinite horizon, creating a more prosperous future!

Third Dongguan International Casting and Die Casting Industry Exhibition?? Display opportunities
industry has bright prospects?? Along with bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, automobiles, appliances, electronics, communications, etc. The rapid development of manufacturing industries to drive the die-casting, foundry industry, great strides forward; equipment manufacturing industry is China's pillar industry, die casting, casting as its essential basis and means to play off the whole production chain Key Of a supporting role, industry promising.

regional economic activity, many enterprises and types of all?? Guangdong Province is the vanguard of China's manufacturing industry, Auto Parts & Accessories has more than 800 production enterprises; lighting manufacturers 1.5 thousand homes; furniture manufacturers four thousand home; building materials and hardware manufacturers 4.6 thousand homes; all kinds of home electronics manufacturers, 6.5 thousand; other manufacturing companies up to 10 thousand homes. Dongguan in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Economic Corridor middle, became one of the fastest growing economy, while manufacturing and processing industry mainly dominated, supporting ability, the formation of electronic information, electric machinery, textiles and clothing, furniture, toys, chemical industry as the pillar of the six industrial system; Dongguan has 50,000 are engaged in various manufacturing companies, including Fortune 500 companies accounted for 45, accounting for more than 800 foreign listed companies.

City Brand prominent geographical obvious advantages?? Dongguan is located in a good regional economic environment, a huge casting, die casting industry, market demand, the city brand prominent geographical advantage is obvious. Platform for cooperation in space and on the basis of one of mature, more by 2010 "World Expo" held in Shanghai, the world's people are focusing in east China, Hong Kong Die Casting & Foundry Industry Association rely on the industry association's own advantage, international influence at Dongguan erected a gateway to mainland China around the world, a bridge, would "Casting and Die Casting Technology Industry Dongguan Exhibition" strength as an international famous exhibition brands, the new platform to show you opportunities.
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Third Dongguan International Casting And Die Casting Technology Industry Exhibition - Casting And

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Third Dongguan International Casting And Die Casting Technology Industry Exhibition - Casting And

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