The Third Wave Of China's Microelectronics Industry

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 Since the reform and opening, China's microelectronics industry has experienced rapid growth period of three, the first time in 2000 before the new Tao IDT8500 million acquisition of technology to be represented by the new technology's success Tao has a certain chance, because the main body of the operation of the new Tao in Silicon Valley, but research and development in Shanghai, two outside, the new Tao technology success as the success of China's domestic microelectronics start not too much at present, new and second-tao YANG Chong-founder of pioneering technologies Montage Microelectronics Shanghai.

 The success of the new technology is only coincidence Tao, after all, there is no industrial background support, but the new Tao or promoting the success of an investment boom in China's semiconductor and start-ups, micro-electronics in 2007, China formed a second climax, the climax to the Zhuhai Ju force, Vimicro, Shanghai and Wuxi Spreadtrum, represented by the new U.S. NASDAQ listing, with occasional success of the new technology compared to Tao, the four NASDAQ listed companies on the global semiconductor industry has formed a certain impact, Shanghai, Spreadtrum, Actions force of more direct promotion of the mainland domestic communications and audio and video industry, the rise, so do not ignore the global microelectronics industry, the existence of the mainland.

 Since the introduction of mobile phones MediaTek turnkey solution for rapid development of mainland China cottage industry, cottage 2009, shipments of mobile phones has reached 140 million, and other leading brands rapidly into international markets, the rise of mobile phones cottage on the one hand to promote an indigenous the vigorous development of microelectronics, in turn, the development of the local semiconductor has promoted the cottage down the cost of mobile phone innovation and now local mobile phone design company close to a thousand, depending cottage market, Thai King has also appeared in Shanghai, RDA, and other micro-Ge Ke a number of large-scale micro-electronics companies.

 While the industry and many friends on the cottage phenomenon disagree, it is undeniable that the cottage phenomenon represents a real rise of the local manufacturing sector, the mainland also rely on cottage industry constitute a complete industry chain of mobile phone in the cottage the rise of the process, the role of non-native Microelectronics lightly, Ge Ke Wei's CMOS camera RDA of FM, PA, and a variety of Bluetooth products greatly reduces the cost of mobile phones in Shanghai Thai King of analog solutions that have brought the cottage mobile phones equipped with international brands such as Noikia, SAMSUN such as competition, capital, is also a cottage to go to the world the biggest advantage of mobile phones in 2010, has confirmed there will be Shanghai Thai King, RDA, Ge Ke micro-and three companies listed overseas, Shenzhen core state, national technology, Hangzhou Guoxin , Hwa Ya micro, Beijing Haier take about ten local microelectronics companies in mainland China listed on the GEM, venture capital investment in the industry for many years in microelectronics industry, has finally brought about the third IPO wave.

 A region's microelectronics industry, the rise of the total with this strong industrial background of the region, according to economics, saying form a "cluster effect" is a prerequisite for industrial development, the rise of Taiwan's semiconductor reason is because since the eighties of last century in the computer industry foundry flows, because the foundry industry, micro-electronics products easier to know which is more market, Taiwan IC design companies in the top ten, in addition to MediaTek are mostly outside the computer industry-related, and some with the MEMORY-related, and some with LCD driver related to the other, like VIA to chipset, Realtek network-chip companies such as completion of primitive accumulation, the development of Taiwan's computer industry contributed to Taiwan's microelectronics industry, the fast start.

 After three decades of reform and opening up the development of the mainland has been unmatched in the electronics manufacturing world, and has the world's largest domestic consumer market, with Taiwan's computer industry started back is different from the mainland diversified development trend of micro-electronics, such as Actions Semiconductor , Rockchip, Beijing, Jun, PMP field, Beijing Haier, Hangzhou Guoxin, Zhongtian Union Branch in live satellite set-top box market, Shanghai Jing morning in the digital photo frame, a national technology in the field of information security and so on has made a good performance, cottage phone has driven Spreadtrum, RDA, Ge Ke micro-companies such as the rise of the next few years can be expected that the local micro-electronics and electronics manufacturing will be more frequent the interaction, which is made in China to Created in China the only way to upgrade.

 Initially see the "under the pressure of the race: Sony PS3 and Microsoft XBOX360's Speed of war" by the title, I thought about the PS3 and the Xbox360 competition in the market, in fact, tells the processor used in these two games the birth of the magical story of about the IBM / Sony / Toshiba Design Center's top engineers to create this miracle process.

Since 2001, David set up the team for the design of Sony's PS3 game console processor, Microsoft's foot in 2003 to the development of a huge impact. Microsoft hopes to bring the chip design team for the Xbox360 game consoles, also aimed at the Christmas market in 2005. The design team has employed all the stops to meet the requirements of the two patrons, in a bid to Microsoft's "victory or death" broken kettle into the boat's potential and the Sony careful, every step to find a balance between. David and his team 80 hours a week of crazy working condition, suffering from anxiety, friendship and the near collapse, despair, and eventually won.

 Although mainland China into the third wave of micro wave, with IBM, Intel and other international well-known semiconductor company compared to mainland China is still weak and a lot of Microelectronics, stones from other hills may serve to polish jade, in terms of business alliances, project management, intellectual property and whether or not culture, corporate politics, "under the pressure of competing for the" the mainland practitioners are an invaluable reference book.

 Start-up companies rely on passion, mature companies rely on processes, for the mainland's booming microelectronics business, as companies have been expanding, how passion for change management to process management, believes that "under the pressure of the race," This book can provide a lot of reference .
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The Third Wave Of China's Microelectronics Industry

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