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Solar Net HC "By 2015, Yanbian industrial output will reach 130 000 000 000 2020 260 000 000 000 up to achieve industry accounts GDP Proportion of 60%. "This figure is the number of Yanbian's" 12 5 "industrial project development objectives. To achieve this goal, the Yanbian is working to jump, and remodeling industries. From the relevant government department of Yanbian understand that by optimizing the investment structure, promote the industrial structure restructuring and reshaping industrial structure, a group of new industrial projects in Yanbian is ready to come out. "Yanbian present on the lack of economic enterprise, and leading industry carrier! "Yanbian State Bureau of Industry and Information Technology the right to tell Kim Yun, deputy director of the original intention of the reform. According to reports, the" Eleventh Five-Year "has been increasing industrial investment in Yanbian, significantly speeding up the process of industrialization, in 2009, the industrial added value achieved 16.57 billion , accounting for 36.8% of state GDP. which Energy And the mining industry, forestry industry, Food Industry, medicine industry is the four pillar industries. Equipment manufacturing, textile and garment, machinery, electronics, new materials, high technology is the dominant industry.

Kim Yun told the general, overall industrial economy of Yanbian too small, no more than 7% of GDP pillar industry does not have a value of Chaobai Yi Yuan's leading industries. Faced with these problems, the state decided to Yanbian Metallurgy (Building materials), food (tobacco), forest products industry, medicine, electronic information, energy, equipment manufacturing (including Car ) 7 large industries to jump on the tobacco industry, ginseng industry, mineral industry, steel industry, cross-border oil refining projects, multi-language E-commerce And service outsourcing bases in six major remodeling project. "Can conservatively say jumped through industry and remodeling of Yanbian in 2015 will reach 130 billion yuan of industrial output value, and then five years to double, reaching 260 billion yuan by 2020 to achieve 80 billion yuan of industrial added value, contribution of industry to GDP reached 60%. "

Jumped in the planning process and remodeling industry, Yanbian the neighboring countries for the effective integration of resources, use of offshore energy resources has become a new approach to development. It is understood that, within and adjacent to the Korean Yanbian has rich iron ore resources, the overall reserves of hundreds of billion tons. At present, the Yanbian steel plant under construction, plans for the FAW-supporting special steel production, casting products and sold to neighboring countries for steel production is expected to achieve more than 20 billion yuan.

Chuci project, Yanbian is also planning Hunchun cross-border international Oil Refinery project, to play Hunchun waterfront, near Hong Kong's strengths and with Russia, "Thai - Na" oil pipeline near the edge, plans to build cross-border Hunchun international oil refinery project and the national oil reserve base, the Russian oil lead to Hunchun for processing and refining. Also this year, highlights a number of energy to promote the development of mining projects, the Yanbian also accelerated the change in the mode of economic development, to develop low-carbon and New Energy Industrial projects. In addition to the recent commissioning of Wang Qinghua Xia "rock paper" projects, to wind energy wind power projects, and settled in Dunhua City and Long city, each office a project generating 100,000 kilowatts. This had only settled in the western province of projects for the first time settled in the eastern province.

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The New Low-carbon Energy Development Projects In Yanbian Troops - Solar, Low-carbon Energy - The

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The New Low-carbon Energy Development Projects In Yanbian Troops - Solar, Low-carbon Energy - The

This article was published on 2010/12/23