Taiwan- The Flower Power of the World

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Not a lot of people know that Taiwan is not only the treasure-trove of hi tech corporate businesses and white collar jobs, but also the world’s biggest exporter of flowers. This has given a tremendous boost to mainland China’s flower industry too.

The evolution of Taiwan into an industrial town in the second half of the 20th century has been phenomenal. This is often termed as the Taiwan miracle, which has propelled the island into stardom, making it the economic powerhouse of Asia. Taiwan, a large island located off the southeastern coast of mainland China, is now one of the world’s foremost study abroad destinations, attracting millions of students from across various countries.

The dynamic island has seen monumental growth in all the business sectors and only recently, stealthily, the island nation has become the world’s biggest flower exporter with its flower industry notching up a whopping turnover of $111 million, in 2009. The industry grossed only $48 million in 1999. The Taiwanese government left no stone unturned and with the aid of modern technology, it successfully transformed what one would have considered as an exotic job sector into one of the most lucrative industries in this island of only 23 million. The country is now the world’s top-notch and premier exporter of orchids. While learning Mandarin in China, do not miss out on a trip to Taiwan and get your hands on some of the most delightful orchids that you can take back home as gifts. However, much more needs to be done in order to effortlessly and successfully harvest flowers and generate more revenues from this industry, which is still in its fledgling state.

Orchids only form 20 percent of the flowers that are being exported from China to other parts of the world and in the year 2009, Taiwan generated $87 million in annual revenue by exporting orchids alone. Amongst all the orchids that China exports, the Butterfly orchid is a hot favourite amongst buyers and is always hugely in demand. The cost of one piece of this beautiful, exquisite orchid can be as high as $12.

If you participate in our study abroad programs, you must embark on a trip to Taiwan. You will find out how modern technology, seamlessly combined with traditional agricultural techniques, has helped its flower industry transform into a boom industry. And this is one of the many allures of Taiwan, which has made it into a popular haunt for students, who are keen on learning Mandarin and exploring modern China. In Taiwan, the rules and regulations pertaining to the flower industry are much more relaxed, as compared to those of mainland China. This particular industry holds a lot of promise in mainland China but unless and until, the restrictions regarding the cultivation and sale of certain varieties of flowers, are lifted, the flower industry will never flourish in China. 


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Taiwan- The Flower Power of the World

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Taiwan- The Flower Power of the World

This article was published on 2011/12/12