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investment advice. Machinery industry in 2009 will have a certain investment opportunities. Potential of the company will focus on competitive advantages in the global construction machinery industry. Shipbuilding, machine tools, container manufacturing and container handling equipment manufacturing industry will not have good performance. We believe that the opportunity for a company, we recommend waiting for better prices. From fundamentals and market expectations and other aspects, we believe 2009 will be even more attractive prices.

construction machinery industry, the fundamentals are expected in 2009 low of 1 quarter, buying point in time there will be around in the mid-year report. If there is no external disturbance, construction machinery industry will be the company's stock price fundamentals as the market expected the worst from happening while in 2009 a quarter of the Quarterly Bulletin 1 to 2 months before the bottom. However, the government suddenly issued a four-trillion-share price and investment plans to place a greater deviate from fundamentals. While we firmly believe that the fundamentals of the industry is still low in a quarter, but the recent construction machinery industry has been a sharp rise in stock prices fully reflected in 2009 after a quarter of the industry rebound factor. Since the actual business situation, after bottoming out in the next year, a quarter will not be immediately recovered substantially, the market will eventually find that the recent sharp rise in stock prices is a reflection of the industry over ahead of the positive factors. We expect a slow recovery with the industry, as well as other economic data continued to deteriorate, the company's stock price construction machinery industry will continue to adjust in the first half of 2009. Adjust the time depending on the specific needs of fundamentals and expectations determine the preliminary judging will be in the report for the previous low occurred.

machine tool industry in 2009 will remain in the doldrums, the probability of large negative growth during the first half. Machinery industry growth rate of fixed assets decreased short-term demand will lead to machine difficult to recover. Machinery manufacturing industry confidence in the recovery time needed to re-invest. Down cycle in the economy, General machine tools And low-end CNC machine tools Overcapacity in the utmost prominence. As the base of the first half of 2008, in 2009 probability of negative growth during the first half. The future should be focus on specialized, "doing fine" type of company, avoid product line width, low-end products accounting for a larger company. For the moment, in the processing equipment, Han's Laser will have some chance. The company in this economic adjustment be hit, four-quarter loss. However, the company's long-term growth prospects remain good, laser processing equipment applications and market still have large room for growth. We judge a good time to buy is expected to end in 2009 a quarter there, when the results substantially below market expectations of risk will be higher than the full release.

shipbuilding industry, in 2009 the "volume and price down." 2009 shipbuilding industry will still be a disappointing year. As the huge volume of orders in hand, signed in 2009 a new ship orders worldwide downturn, we expect volume to be lower than in 2008. Although we believe that in November 2008 of a new vessel volume has reached rock bottom, will rise month on month later, but the decline in ship prices is just beginning, in 2009 there is still more downside. Ship prices fell sharply and the shipping market downturn, in 2009 the owner would have signed one cancellation and delay the risk of a sharp rise. Focus on the shipbuilding industry, the market will decline in orders for transfer to the extension and withdrawal of the order.

container manufacturing industry in 2009 is difficult to achieve good performance. The world's major developed economies, the economic downturn, the container trade is difficult to obtain good growth, decline in demand for container. Downturn in demand and steel prices fell under the double pressure, container prices will be down. Major listed companies in the industry group set short-term investment opportunities is difficult to occur. Now see, container industry slump will continue into 2009 at least 2 quarters.

port lifting equipment, in 2009 the demand for container cranes to fall. As the global container port capacity expansion cycle coming to an end, so the demand for container crane equipment drop is possible. Judging from the current 2010 is likely to be more difficult year for the industry, the decline in orders in 2009 that will gradually appear. We believe that major listed companies in the industry Zhenhua Port Machinery investment opportunities in the short term is difficult to occur.

parts industry is more fragmented in the economic downturn in the focus on "doing fine" type of company. Longxi shares are "doing fine" small companies, its dominant market position in products bearing joints strong, there is no strong domestic competitors in the export space larger. In the middle of 2009 there will be investment opportunities. Despite strong growth in uncertainty Pegasus shares, but the valuation is too high, its performance significantly exceeded the market

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Machinery Industry In 2009 Which Sub

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This article was published on 2010/09/25