Liu Runfeng: Two Legs To Walk To The Brand Strategy

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2009 3 8, HC home network join the Harvard water heater at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, "China's home appliance industry, satisfaction channel Ten Awards", which is the first of many growth-oriented enterprises to go to the stage of collective work.

The following is the Deputy Secretary-General of China National Hardware Association, Mr. Liu Runfeng speech:

Deputy Secretary-General of China National Hardware Association, Mr. Liu Runfeng speech

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A panel of experts is an important link in the top ten selection, the experts based sub-selection of a just and fair for the correct orientation. Next, we are very honored to have invited the leadership of the association, China National Hardware Association, Mr. Deputy Secretary-General Liu Runfeng speech, there is please!

Liu Runfeng: Today to participate in the festivities, the mood is more pleased than ever before, because today is a holiday in itself, we present the festival of female friends. Here, I wish you first of all female friends, including our women entrepreneurs and women journalists, women editors, happy holidays!

Today, our festival was held in such a festival, entitled "Ten appliances satisfaction Festival", in fact, we also represent the Association, is very grateful to our network did a good HC. Should say that this concept, the scope of today's selection is no longer the home appliances category, and has far exceeded the scope of home appliances, now is the concept of a kitchen, a broader range than the original. In particular, that which relates to some of our key hardware industry products, such as

Gas Water Heater


Gas stoves


Range Hood

And so on products, including new shower room, bathroom hardware, this is the last few years we have strongly advocated and developed hardware. Therefore, we Hardware Association, and all of you relationship is very close, and we also like to thank HC network in such an economic environment for our industry so much important work to do, in fact, for the revitalization of our industry in do the job. Therefore, this event is to support we are!

The past, we participated in many festival are from the perspective of our industry or government selection of. This activity different from the past, through our nationwide dealer channel, so I think this award should be a very heavy weight. Dealers have sharp eyes, and be able to market our products to real people on the subject are not welcome, not by the consumers as well, reflects very clearly. It should be said that today's award-winning company, is promoted from the perspective of our dealers had come, and should be said that truly reflect the market's popularity is that the market satisfaction.

Here today on behalf of the majority of dealers are, in fact, we sat together with the dealer on behalf of the short time, I also would like to use our network to provide the HC platform to take this opportunity to share a problem with . Means that household appliances, or kitchen products industry, to today, faced with such a global economic environment, we should Zenmeyangzuo good this industry? And strengthen the industry?

The past two days have been watching two of the broadcast, the discussion yesterday on behalf of, we have to restore confidence in the state out of the doldrums. In fact, we should say that this industry is more affected by international big country, but also to a number of ways. The process of development, our company has made great efforts, in fact, some companies did not develop as other industries as completely into a kind of low. Because we are after from 2007, also by the SASAC, the NDRC commissioned to do some research industry, also visited as




Jiangsu so some of the major producing hardware. Went and found that, very different circumstances, are domestic and foreign enterprises walking on two legs, developing very well, and was independent of those. Purely a great influence on the foreign export companies, so we have been here with two legs to walk, talk business, take the brand strategy.

Today we actually these award-winning companies, many of these representatives, for example, Macro,

Million and

Are representative of this company has insisted both domestic and foreign markets go along stick to the brand strategy. Then, the status of their consumers in mind, it should be said with absolute advantage. Therefore, in Guangdong last year, when Premier Wen Jiabao, to the million and the business. When asked their Chairman of the Board, when asked how their business-like, 10,000, and about 35% last year to keep the development, Premier Wen was very pleased. That is our business to adhere to a long domestic and foreign development of two legs, adhere to brand strategy, adhere to quality first, it should be said that the market opportunity is very large.

Next, the company adhere to a correct direction after the operation, in fact, the focus now in this economic situation, our dealers and manufacturers, manufacturers of common business tasks, in fact, we now begin to mention What problem? Is the corporate social responsibility, which includes consumers, society and the state. Specifically, the first two days we all know, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce, announced a gas water heater

Bringing home appliances

The winning products, we have 22 successful enterprises. These products are concerned, it should be said on behalf of the 22 companies in our industry leading, the elite. The market share of 22 up to 80% or more, and our domestic gas water heater industry to grasp some of the core technology, high technology, basically within the context of this 22.

But now, to home appliances to the countryside after the product should be said that the situation is very different with the past. Market consumption in rural areas have different characteristics and our rural environment and we have different uses, especially the rural consumers have different ideas with us. Well, there is I thought, with manufacturers here and our manufacturers, enterprises, will be a lot of future production or business, selling our products such bid, then they would have a kind of rural consumers in line with a high degree of social responsibility responsibility for rural consumers


Well, to be considered a use of the special rural environment. When we are bidding for the tender criteria were repeated studies, the safety issues on the first one. Let us use the products to consumers in rural areas than urban consumers use our products even better, the price even lower. Thus, the appliances can really make the countryside of central preferential agricultural policies to benefit farmers really, really strong in agriculture, has really driven our industry.

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Liu Runfeng: Two Legs To Walk To The Brand Strategy

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