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"In the past year, China's LED industry, significantly speeding up technological progress, and high-end applications are fully launched." National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance Industry R & D and Executive Chairman, Chairman of Xiamen Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd. Fan Yu told reporters bowl interview. According to the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association optoelectronic devices branch statistics, 2009 extension of China's LED chip sales presentation to outstrip supply, mainly from the LED backlight and alternative-type white LED lighting demand-pull. At the same time, LED packaging applications and further expand to lighting. LED industry in China's rapid progress to high-end applications, while the market is increasingly competitive. Inroads into foreign chip companies and local enterprises convergence of technologies and products that have made competition more intense.

Technological advances speed up launch high-end applications

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, in 2009 the 60th anniversary of New China and the Shanghai World Expo 2010 success can be said that the industry is the biggest beneficiary of LED, LED technology innovation as these major projects has been increasing. According to Industry Association statistics, in 2009 China's LED packaging capacity device about 60% of the world. And chip packaging devices, using the domestic product has started from the low-end instructions, display applications, light sources to replace traditional high-end application extensions.

According to the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association vice president, LED display applications branch chairman of the relevant product Zhen New China before the 60th anniversary of the Tiananmen large color chips used in all domestic, and also the domestic manufacturers packaging. It is understood that the majority of the Shanghai World Expo chips used in the project are also made in China, but also stability, reliability, poor better than foreign products. Zhen Guan product that, LED upstream role in promoting the development of the application is obvious. Meanwhile, LED industry chain and downstream positive interaction and coordination between the development of a certain extent, accelerate new product, promote the use of new technology, our LED industry is the comprehensive development of high-end applications. China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association branch chairman of optoelectronic devices, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 13 Research Institute of Ke-Wu Yang told reporters, LED applications in areas ranging from light, lights, display development to landscape lighting, has been extended to white light illumination .

In 2009 the output value of China's LED application products more than 30% growth rate, the contribution of high-end applications should not be overlooked.

Convergence of technology products more competitive

Semiconductor lighting is a cross-industry, cross-sector industry, semiconductor lighting from the development of optoelectronic devices to key parts of information display, lighting, electrical appliances, communication between the industry, understanding and cooperation is crucial. Regional concentration is conducive to the formation of industrial clusters, lower manufacturing costs, at present China has seven semiconductor lighting industrial bases and four regional industrial clusters, but the feature is not prominent, industry convergence, convergence products. Reporter learned that because of China's semiconductor lighting industry truly control and international competitiveness of major small number of companies and enterprises a high degree of product similarity, resulting in long-term business competition based on price competition. Cost advantage because of the price war among enterprises greatly weakened.

LED technology, product convergence, resulting in more intense competition in the industry. Upstream extension of chips in the past year to so many domestic emerge, technically the same phenomenon is very serious, packaged devices and not to mention the application. In response, Chinese Academy of Sciences research fellow of Nano, Chairman of Suzhou nanocrystalline photovoltaic Liang Bingwen that what you see, no one is doing, individual products, can not see difference. Enterprises do not have their own "secret weapon", product positioning without thinking. The consequences of convergence of technologies and products is an exorbitant price, a price war unavoidable.

Liang Bingwen proposal, companies should make an effort positioning, the 1-2 has done distinctive technologies and products, to be the best, made the brand, there is hope.

Do not grade to chaos, always done well.

How China's LED industry for the future rapid development of healthy and orderly, some experts recommended, should pay attention to and strengthen basic research to study the chip, package, cooling and other infrastructure problems, so as to Accumulate in the future competition in an invincible position.

International companies competing for the Chinese market hot

Over the past year, foreign chips enterprises to increase the intensity of the Chinese market. CREE (Career) build chip factory in Huizhou, China, Xuming LED chips in the construction of factories in Guangdong Province, Nichia also plans to build production plant in China to expand its own product line coverage. Quick so many overseas companies advance, will the Chinese LED industry, what impact? CCID Consulting analyst Anna analysis, early, taking into account the loss of technology, industrial facilities, market demand and other factors, foreign investment in China for more cautious, especially for the upper extension of chip areas, virtually no foreign investment in China. However, with the gradual maturation of various factors, in recent years, business began to upstream production transfer to China, as these foreign companies have also entered the development of China's LED industry will scale new heights. However, the future of the industry and competition will be inevitable.

Inroads into overseas chip makers the facts clearly tell us, LED industry, the core is not in the middle and lower reaches of the packaging and application, but in the upstream chip. Industry said that if China's future high-end LED chips missing, even if the government invested in ten Baibei demonstration project funding, it is only for foreign chip makers in China, make more profits. For this, the industry is deeply felt by many people. "

Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Nanchang, deputy general manager of Xin Lei Zhou Li said that the entry of these international famous enterprises will certainly accelerate our LED chip industry competition and this competition is expected to be very fierce. But from another level, the competition is inevitable and must be eliminated backward, the key is how we deal with. In the study, advanced technology, while others learn how to protect our national industry, to develop their own core technology, strengthening their ability to innovate, to upgrade the technological content and technical level and development potential and ultimately gain a firm foothold to contend with well-known enterprises.

Competition Yehao domestic counterparts, foreign competitive worth mentioning, the Chinese LED industry will not slow down the pace of technological progress, the development of competitions. We believe that with the constant breakthroughs in technology, and applications have expanded our LED industry will be just around the corner from behind.

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LED imbalance in China as manufacturers compete for hot spots - Fine-brick texture

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LED imbalance in China as manufacturers compete for hot spots - Fine-brick texture

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