Inventory Of Old Lighting Business: Start With Mature Charm

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The paper, Illumination Industry brand development in this century context found that the initial stage of brand industry, is a crazy Marketing History, a number of marketing channels integrated enterprise promotion through a variety of models and concepts to create, accomplish something NVC , Product on, Sidon, stingy, etc. A large number of bright brand. But in the last two years, a number of deep historical heritage, rich in experience and strength of enterprises, began full force, and the limelight burgeoning.

Them into the industry does not late, some of which are industry pioneer, business history, from at least 7-8 years, as many as 10 to 20 years; their long-term development of the enterprise has formed its own unique "killer . " Some good R & D and mass production, and some formed their own unique product lines, some unique in the market segments, so unknown stealth title, while others are ongoing resources and accumulated experience, and continuously improve internal Management Systems and mechanisms.

With history, has accumulated, they will naturally ambitious. The past two years, is such number of enterprises started in the industry burgeoned: Foshan Jia Mei lighting upgrade the brand since the beginning, in just one year, the channel with the brand on the rapid transformation to become the industry last year, most attention brands. According to its internal sources, the U.S. will be in the home improvement company, Ka, invisible channels of large-scale real estate investment; Zhongshan fair-lighting in just one or two years time, through internal promotion and integration of external resources to achieve the business hidden from the electrical champion of single-product companies across the integrated lighting, quickly create strong brands; Zhongshan Jonsson lighting though steadily taken way into the market, but are mine has an ever from signing Eric Tsang in 2009 for large-scale, rapid development , to the beginning of 10 million landing heavily in a strong central TV Taiwan, offensive unabated; Zhongshan Man United lighting dealers since the first meeting held after the marketing campaign would not stop.

To open this year, the more excitement. April 18, a low profile for several years, Zhongshan Aucoot lighting held company founded 12 years since the first dealer conference, and a high-profile crown as "Project 2010, the lighting industry marketing summit," many dealers suddenly the scene found, Lowell, Robert has been the pioneer years ago, emergency lights brand transition to integrated engineering lighting, team, marketing networks and channels have also been quietly woven completed, the responsible person is intentionally or unintentionally revealed Aihua Lowell, Robert has been in Latin America, Africa, etc. land has been or is preparing to set up production bases, enterprise Sell Reached the scale of several hundred million dollars. In addition, lighting one hundred percent open in Dongguan on relying on "winning the national championship T5 energy subsidies," the Gateway project started by the dominant channels of invisible channels into the traditional, large-scale recruitment and channel investment; Foshan Fukuda launched since the end point of electrical After switching the rage, and then generous toward the beginning of CCTV to look forward to laying the industry established position; along Deshon electrical industry, Hunan food for thought, Guipai, Hangzhou Fei Chinese enterprises also have a large number of lighting and so forth, one after another under the banner of brand expansion; also ancient Town wins the ball, Kaiyuan, Oriental and other old-type power Lighting Enterprises, rivers and lakes also have a variety of rumors, which for many people looking forward to the lighting industry.

Summarize the characteristics of these enterprises, we can easily find these businesses have the following characteristics: people who look at the fading industry, these businesses instead of accelerating the pace of market development, such as hundred percent market in the T5 proud achievements and Aucoot Lighting in the overseas market; sediment core of the enterprise during the most talent and market experience accumulated; decide to break into almost all time Financial Post-crisis; the most work is centered on the core company strengths and the basis for existing products, capital, channels, and the integration of social resources; strategic goals are directed at the industry forefront and leading enterprises, transfer of information to the industry and businesses are confident and determination, which is a company started to mature and rational an important symbol. Can be expected, because of the positive actions of these companies, the lighting industry a brand new relay will be opened.
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Inventory Of Old Lighting Business: Start With Mature Charm

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This article was published on 2010/09/27