How The Textile Industry To Link The Seven New Industry

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Textile Industry how to link the seven new industry? Is in front of us needs to think long-term issue, but also break a long-term stagnant economic reality of the textile issue.

Seven the number of new industries and textile contact? If we make some analysis of these seven new industries will find that almost all of the textile industry involves seven major industries.

New Energy Including solar energy, wind energy, wind power generator in the important parts?? Blade production, and ultimately, glass fiber, carbon fiber-reinforced composites; storage of solar panels, battery separator material used spunlace, needle non-woven fabric; Energy Environmental protection Works in the control cement, thermal power plants Steel Plant dust, soot, sulfur dioxide and other industrial toxic and harmful gas emissions, use of high-performance fibers such as PPS, PSA materials such as filter dust control air pollution, will play a key role; electric Car Battery, seat belts, airbags, as well as sound and heat insulation, shock absorption material, are all involved in the field of technical textiles.

New materials in the field even more, and carbon fiber, aramid, high modulus, high strength polyethylene fiber and other new materials industry is the state aid projects; new Medicine Industry in the artificial organs, medical protective materials such as nano-textile technology areas involved in many places; biological engineering and new materials has Textiles figure, such as hernia repair hernia film, artificial kidney, artificial heart, artificial skin, artificial joints; in biological breeding, use the geotextile soil moisture seepage; to beautify the urban environment, such as green roofs, indoor vertical greening, reduction of heat radiation and urban heat island effect, etc., textiles and new materials are very useful; even the information industry that sounds with the textile industry sector does not take the field, but also everywhere textile materials, such as fiber optic cables, glass fibers for communications, the protective outer layer of heat insulation of aramid fibers, are key materials for fiber. From this, seven new industries of textile products can be found in the shadow.

According to the China Textiles Industry Association data show that China's high-performance textile composite materials such as resin-based composite average annual increase of 14.7%, showing a good momentum of development. China's wind energy resources are abundant, the development of wind energy reserves of one billion kilowatts (2008 total installed capacity of electricity production in China of about 800 million kilowatts), wind power integrated economy is good, clean environment. Multi-axial warp knitting technology of wind turbine blades are made of high-performance textile composites with a very broad development prospects.

According to a survey of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers show auto industry chain length, high correlation of upstream and downstream, textile and automotive accessories products are closely related, auto accessories 30% to 40% of textiles-related. A car needs more than 20 square meters of non-woven material, a model of Volkswagen vehicles per day used in the production of textile materials with interior up to 15 million square meters.

3M China Ltd., a manager in the Department of Medical raw materials for medical textiles China Development Forum this year, pointed out in the field of medical non-woven fabrics, the Chinese market has great potential. Surgical drape, hole towel, for example, the global market of 50 million and annual growth rate of 15%. China has become Asia-Pacific processing center, the market share of 68%.

These cases show? In addition to maintaining the traditional textile production capacity, we also need the flow, aim the emerging industries to look to follow up on new industry trends, find new economic growth point.

Hengtian Group and other Chinese enterprises to invest 5 million yuan in establishing more than 30 carbon fiber industry production base, they intend to use 3 to 5 years, annual production capacity of 12,500 tons of carbon fiber precursor, PNA 5,000 tons of carbon fiber size, become the largest production base of carbon fibers and products. Hang-day group in the first implementation of the generous new industries operate in areas of national and vigorously support the first "a breakthrough in" the industry no doubt will bring the demonstration effect.

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How The Textile Industry To Link The Seven New Industry

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This article was published on 2010/09/27