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A, denim industry is the lack of knowledge for ordinary consumers were the big brands; so a great chance in the industry, the industry players within the equality of opportunity. Ruo Yu founded the company brand, as long as the strategy is correct, on inputs will be far less than mature industries into corporate branding.

2, denim industry, although there are one or two enterprises in the areas of comparative advantage is stronger than peers, but in sustainable competitive advantage, the various companies are similar, as long as the strategy of enterprises lags behind the correct, complete catch-up in a short time the temporary leading enterprises.

3, denim industry is still in the product stage, the competitiveness of enterprises still remain in the product competition, almost no aimed at creating brand and enhance the brand investments.

4, denim industry, highly focused area is currently concentrated in two places: Shunde are Wo Xintang. The strength of the two places considerable.

5, denim industry is profitable model there are two main one is to undertake an external orders, one is self-production and sales. The latter is divided into domestic and export. At present, the domestic market, Xintang cowboy take absolute advantage.

6, denim industry, after sleeping for 10 years, now showing signs of awakening. A number of cowboy companies have begun to realize the significance of brand management and has taken action. If Chong Hing denim market was established in 2002, the Department of employing consultants make plans for its brand operation and began to unify and standardize the country's image of its stores and plans to open several-operated stores in Guangdong.

Cowboy-induced increase in the beginning of 2003 for the Hong Kong one of the four kings Miss Hua Liming and Asia for its spokesperson. Ho Chun Cowboys also might have been expected in autumn and winter of 2003 before launch please a Hong Kong star endorsement. I believe that in the near future, denim industry, other businesses will be matched by actions designed to enhance their brand.

7, denim industry, although it has been activated showed signs, but I still have reason to believe that its full awakening, industrial upgrading, competitive upgrade, survival of the fittest is still some time away. The shortage of talent in the industry the biggest short-board problem is not one or two days can be padded to. In addition, the industry's decision-making conversion of old and new values will take time. Therefore, in the industry, who first awakened, who was first to take action, and got it right, fast, who can be a new round of competition in the future to gain advantage. This advantage is hard to find the daughter.

8, denim industry is the success of the brand-wei Peng, Bolton, flag license King, not simply to operate cowboy, and according to the writer found that only one brand of cowboy operators to open counters or shops is difficult to let retail operations to fully profit.

9, at present, the major consumer groups, jeans for young people and middle-aged women. Youth relatively weak purchasing power, while the more rational consumption of middle-aged women, combined with domestic consumers when buying denim brand of concern about the relatively high, therefore, too expensive jeans is difficult to have a market.

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Denim Industry Status

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This article was published on 2010/10/08