Appliance Industry Into Spared From War Era?

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The first quarter of the industry downturn, public enterprises are now choosing to hibernate, to the second half "

Bringing home appliances "Under the performance of state subsidies to stimulate recovery in export orders began to increase until the end of the year, 2009, China's home appliance industry has witnessed the history of economic depression to recovery.

Today Financial Crisis lopsided, experience "shuffle" the consumer electronics industry began a heated competition.

But a new round of competition, it seems more than ever, "bloody."

Starting from early November, Guangdong , Zhejiang and other places some of the home appliance industry entrepreneurs gradually to reflect the correspondents: At present, the domestic appliance industry, the emergence of a "non-normal" means of expansion of the "immoral" behavior, resulting in many household appliances enterprises this subject damage and loss.

12 6 to 16, "China Economic Weekly" reporter went home appliance industry, intensive Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region, the current situation survey on the industry interviews. Reporter has visited nearly 10 home appliance enterprise, wherever he went, almost as if all the responsible people have a stomach of grievances.

The public why the factory "shelling" of beauty?

12 6, in Guangdong Shunde , Household appliances industry veteran Mr. Lin (alias) s feelings to reporters: "Chu Laihun, sooner or later have to repay. The practice of individual enterprises has been seriously hurt the industry itself."

Lin said China's home appliance industry has developed rapidly, a number of industrial enterprises in scale and global sales, over South Korea

LG And Samsung, even more than Japan's Hitachi and Sharp, but the lack of inside information to become a great company. "Has occurred, and what is happening, is compelling evidence that individual enterprises 'Green Gang culture' is harm to others."

Interview, from the "buy-back door" to "distribute leaflets slander competitors," from the "panic talent" to "cheat technology" known or unknown number of household appliances enterprises complained and angry, surprised journalists , and surprising, seemingly calm behind the appliance industry, with a strong undercurrent really hidden?

Gengrang's shocking is that these companies are private prosecution to the less fortunate, the blade referred to in the home "individual" companies actually are beautiful.

"To M & A in the name of"

12 7, a production of bread at the Zhuhai-based home appliances company, its executives told reporters complained that their business was almost a "beautiful lies" caused the collapse.

"We are producing Small appliances Enterprise, main products are household toaster that though our country is not known, but bread alone, our sales in the global ranking first in priority. Well, on Earth, where there are bread countries and regions, have we produced bread maker. "

The official told reporters that, in June 2008, the financial crisis, the enterprise exports declined, at this time, the U.S. leader in charge approached the door, hoping to M & bread items, "then I have two idea, first of all, due to funding some difficult, consider any event, the first ride out the storm to say, be a good second-largest shareholders; Secondly, I have good personal relationships and American veterans and often play golf together, trade associations, the We are 'the main thing', and we often sit together, what a meal, be friends, so when faced with such an opportunity, or very reassuring. "

The official said the two sides on the matter of mergers and acquisitions reached a verbal agreement, the United States in the toaster company accredited to the auditors, in a week's time, on the bread core technology, financial situation,


Channels, human resources and other aspects of comprehensive understanding and auditing. A week later, the U.S. withdrawal of corporate officers, the person in charge to prepare for the wait for the official signing.

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Appliance Industry Into Spared From War Era?

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This article was published on 2010/09/20