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Hardware Network HC: Since the beginning of the last century 80s Yin, China's energy use in the kitchen went through from coal to gas, electricity innovative evolution of the kitchen in the home food environment, the core structure of a revolutionary change, kitchen projects, from functional , matching type into a comfortable artistic type of development, kitchen equipment, from simple structures into the cabinet unit specialized production.

The current rate of urban households as a whole kitchen has only 2% in the East, the southern coastal area, family kitchen has a 3% rate, while only 0.5% of central and western regions, according to authoritative research firm statistics, the whole kitchen In 2003 sales of 460,000 units throughout the year, but rose in 2004 to 76 million units, overall cabinet the next three years, the potential market for products will reach 3.1 million units, an increase of 120.7 percent, if it is an average of 20,000 per set dollars, will have 620 billion market space.

At present, the industry of the competition is mainly in design, service, innovation, quality, facilities, brand, etc., the order of competition to the healthy growth of industry, scale development. As competition intensifies, small manufacturers lack of experience due to quality management, marketing, technical delay, the system cost management and other factors are likely to be eliminated or be faced with large enterprise merger scenario, strong, big brand manufacturers are gradually expand the scale of , the growing influence of the brand, brand has become increasingly evident. Also associated with the industry's major manufacturers are optimistic about the beef, not in the "Pro deep envy fish", but "still active networking", there is a lot of big home appliances enterprises have investment in the cabinet industry. With low threshold in the cabinet industry, labor-intensive, which some do not have the expertise, lack of equipment, under-funded enterprises or individuals have joined the industry, countless "front shop" and "military-name "beach landing, the initial partition, resulting in" grab one, "" malicious attack "," mutual predatory pricing "and other unhealthy competition in each other's ups and downs of the industry's business quality, customer credit caused great negative impact.

Is because the cabinet industry is no barriers to entry, greater flexibility in the process of marketing, creative strength, based on individual requests to purchase a larger object, so the industry with a complete industry standards do not, quality standards, size series , style style, Eight Immortals, each engaged in all of the ability, in some cases there is no standard, what to produce what customers want, subsequently low-cost low-quality materials and extensive use of non-environmentally friendly materials led to "price war" is full of requirements process not very poor standard of service and product delivery.

Led the industry's "price war" vicious competition has become worse. The typical form of Chinese competition, leading to market products from the same general appearance to the function, industry concentration is low, a serious impediment to the industry, technology upgrades and enterprise development, the pace of excellence. The kitchen equipment has been developed between the formation of a high degree of serialization, standardization, with complete sets, versatility and interchangeability. In China, kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances and construction sector continues to lack of proper matching between the norms, especially in some of the details of issues, such as the kitchen of the clearance size, pipeline layout and interface location, manufacturers of industrial products installed often can not adapt to the scene of a variety of circumstances, the need for temporary changes to this situation, restricted the size of the factory production and the rapid development of customized cabinets and large-scale, standardized public conflict will be short manufacturers bottleneck. Optimistic, always pros and cons of peer! Birth this situation has been the growth of the Chinese cabinet and the healthy development of industry changes. With the overall strength of informal enterprises growing, the industry will face a new round of "Shuffle", small, weak companies will be in the cabinet "reshuffle" in out of the market.
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Analysis: China's Cabinet Market, "space" And The Pattern - Cabinets, Market -

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